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TOP-10 ranking – The largest, most beautiful, most expensive, most polluted, most dangerous, smallest, most unusual, oldest, newest, less polluted, etc. environmental and diesel driving ban zones in Europe

Available here from 08.08.2019. Every Tuesday a new TOP-10 ranking.

Berlin, 21.08.2019 - TOP 10 – The oldest environmental zones in Europe - The fight against particulate pollution and other pollutants was already announced in 1995

The Green-Zones portal has determined when the first environmental zones were established in European cities in order to reduce particulate pollution.

Berlin, 14.08.2019 - TOP 10 – The largest environmental zones in Europe - An Austrian zone with 20,000 km² lies just ahead of France

The Green-Zones portal has determined the extent of the largest European environmental zones, measured by their height and width in north-south and east-west direction.

Berlin, 08.08.2019 - TOP 10 – The most expensive environmental zones in Europe – Driving without a valid badge costs up to 2,700 euros

The Green-Zones portal has identified the European environmental zones in which infringements are most severely punished. This can extremely reduce the budget, especially during the holiday season.